To provide groups of people who are remote with the experience of being together.


We envision a world where anyone can be together with others in a way that feels free, fun, and authentically social—where you're remote or not. Where gathering remotely feels the same as being on-premise and combines the best of social get-togethers with the best of fun activities. And where we can work freely, with less dependence on office hours, traffic jams, and business trips in airplanes.

Mibo's Core Values

👀 Curiosity

Curiosity propels us. We seek to truly understand the outside world rather than to judge or assume. We’re always learning and savor our mistakes.

🏹 Candor

Through being forthright, brave and honest to ourselves and to others, we create clarity and freedom to act.

❤️ Empathy

A culture of trust, sharing and empathy is the foundation which enables us to be vulnerable and bold. We seek to understand, support, and empower eachother in every way possible.

🚀 Ambition

We’re in this to make a difference. We set our aim high, we are driven to see things through and we make bold choices to reach our goals.

🏴‍☠️ Playfulness

We look at the world the way a child does: with playfulness and wonder. We’re pirates on an open sea, not taking ourselves too seriously, finding joy in the adventure that comes our way.

🌍 Sustainability

We make choices in the interest of a sustainable world. This includes being a responsible citizen in our community. We balance our professional selves with our health, our families, and our communities.